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Online Arcades versus the Real Thing

Posted by Eric the Fruit Bat on June 9, 2011

Guest Post by: Patricia Melizza Evan E. Navales

Arcade games have been around ever since the mid 1960’s up to the present time and this became one of the fastest growing markets nowadays. An individual coming from various age groups enjoys playing arcades.

Not only is it fun but it also gives the brain a little exercise and stimulates it to think.

Way back 1960’s; arcade games are simple and uncomplicated. The settings and backgrounds are not yet made from Macromedia Flash Software or any advance type of technology like Java Sun plugging.

Originally, classic arcade games are machines that sometimes use a joystick and are mainly coin operated. These machines are usually found in restaurants, shopping malls and even the pubs and casinos.

During the 80’s, arcades are enjoyed by a lot of people and most of the games during this time are still popular today. Some of the famous games in the 80’s include Pac-man (BallyMidway), Battle zone, Star Wars, and Donkey Kong.

There were a lot of versions design from these classic games and people are still fascinated by it.The disadvantage of traditional arcade is that you end up spending a lot of money.

You won’t even notice that the 10 dollars you have in your pocket while walking over to the mall has already vanished and you still haven’t killed the monster for you to be able to proceed to the next level.

Then you realize that you needed another 10 dollars for you to finish the freaking game.

Taking the trip to the mall just to play your favorite arcade can be a real great fun but waiting in line for your turn to play or waiting in line for your money to be change into coins can also be a real bugger.

Now, you can play it right in your own backyard.

There are lots of various games you can download into your personal computer from a variety of internet websites. Some of these websites charge you for the download but luckily, some offer it for free.

Arcade games online can also be an entertainment to you as well as your family and friends. Playing this game online is not so difficult to do.

All you need to do is choose a search engine and search for free arcade games, select a website and register online if required.Then you can check for available games and choose which game you prefer to download.

Read directions before playing and of course, do not forget your user name and password. After downloading, you can now, compete with your friends or your relatives.

There are many games that you can find in various arcade stations such as puzzles, racing games and even card games.

Sports related games such as billiards Classic, Air hockey extreme, Boardwalk Bowling, Pool Jam, Banana Barrage, and Bloody Penguin Ball are some of the most popular games on this group.

Truly, online arcade games are a great deal of fun for many individuals, young or old. It really doesn’t matter what type of arcade game you use as long as you’re having loads of fun! Right?


2 Responses to “Online Arcades versus the Real Thing”

  1. Marcus said

    Oh great post. I love online games myself and I probably spend around 4 hours a week online. My brother loves it even more than I do.

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