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ONLINE GAMES: Recreation or Addiction?

Posted by Eric the Fruit Bat on June 9, 2011

Guest Post by: Patricia Melizza Evan E. Navales

Technological advancement brought about new changes in society. One of these changes is the use of internet. Internet is an interconnection of global networks that consists of a variety of information sources.

It made research and communication easier especially to people coming from both ends of the world. It opens new and more possibilities. However, with the birth of this technology, online gaming was also introduced.

The uses of online games were very rampant with the younger generation. Studies show that 8.5% of the “youth gamers” are hooked or addicted to computer games.

Some players play just for fun. Individuals who play online games for entertainment and relaxation are good and healthy.

Most adults do online games for this particular purpose. After a day’s work, the body is already very tired and stressed out, computer games can be an excellent diversion.

Richard Ryan, a motivational Psychologist at Rochester, believe that many computer games satisfies the psychological needs of players and some play because of the reward and freedom they get from playing.

Other researchers say that addiction to computer games are caused by antisocial personality disorders, phobias or other psychological problems that the players may have.

It may also be caused by other things such as pleasure in escaping reality and being a different person while playing the game. The individual becomes someone else.

He becomes someone he longs to become in real life. He becomes powerful and likes it because of that he doesn’t want to stop it.

While playing, he also meets other individuals just like him and who understands what he is going through. Thus, he meets new friends. So, what happens is that the individual prefers to stay in his fantasy world and withdraws from reality.

There are many symptoms of computer game addiction. Preoccupation is one thing. The individual has tenacious thoughts of the activity. He is unable to stop from performing the activity and needs more time to play to achieve satisfaction.

Another symptom is that the individual becomes restless when he cannot perform the activity and tends to lie to family and friends regarding the activity.

Other symptoms of addiction are relying on others for financial support, doing illegal acts, withdrawal from his social system and refuse to interact with others.

Different measures were done to limit or reduce the number of youngsters getting hooked with computer games. Some nations altered the system to limit underage gamers.

Excessive online game playing is treated just like any type of addiction.

Self-help organizations like the On-line gamers anonymous are providing various ways of helping the individual to heal with the support of his family and friends just like the treatment for drug addicts.

Introducing the individual to others forms of entertainment and allowing the individual mingled with other teenagers just like him wherein he can share out his feelings and be a better person.

Just as the song from the Spice girls goes,” Too much of something is bad enough.” Yes. Online games are good but it should be done in moderation.


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